Oct 14, 2020 · This is especially useful for positioning and aligning lights. Make a light the active camera by pressing Ctrl + 0. Now you can place the light out of first person perspective. Use the shortcut RR to rotate in any direction or just lock the camera to view (N-Panel > View > View Lock > Camera to View) to place it exactly where you want. And yes .... Move the mouse left/right to pan the view left/right or move it up/down to tilt the view up/down. Move the camera forward/backward W, S. Strafe left/right A, D. Jump V – only in gravity mode. Move up and down Q, E – only in free mode. Alternate between free and gravity modes Tab. Change the movement speed: - WheelUp or NumpadPlus to .... Here's a super useful tip for beginners or long time users for moving and rotating your camera in Blender!If you'd like to help support my channel, please co. "/>Blender camera view shortcut